Lucky Winners

Without stating the obvious, we know that times have been ‘tricky’ for us all
recently. Families mean a great deal to us at ‘Peg & Mallet’. Both ‘Peg’ and
‘Mallet’ are mums whom are striving to stay positive for the sake of their
children during this extraordinary period. However, we also see the bigger
picture. It has been amazingly tricky for school children and their families
during this time for a whole host of reasons.

When a local school approached us and asked if we would be willing to offer
the hire of one of our tents for a night to enable them to raise funds for their
P.T.A., we jumped at the chance.

We cannot tell you how happy we felt to see the photos of the lucky winners
enjoying their ‘prize’.

‘We were the lucky winners of the school raffle and had the tent overnight. A
lot of fun, we had a great night, thank you!’

Honestly, it was a pleasure. This particular family have had to shield
themselves more than others. To hear their story and to see their smiles,
well…it’s incredible. We are so pleased to have been able to play a tiny part of

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