Festival Season

The heading is correct! It is ‘Festival season’ – our favourite season of
the year. However, an annoying pandemic ruined it all!! We could
dwell on this, but…

Both ‘Peg’ and ‘Mallet’ had tickets for the 50th birthday of
Glastonbury. We had been buzzing about this for at least 6 months,
however… you know the rest. Therefore, we decided that we would
make the best of an unbelievably hideous situation. To see the good
in the simple things around us.

Peg & Mallet decided to open their own socially distancing pub –
‘The Wold’s End’. Being based in Methwold, this name made perfect
sense. With our tents in the garden, we have enjoyed
‘Glasthomebury’ and many nights since.

These times are restrictive, so let’s continue to be creative! xx

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