Wedding Bells

2020 looked like the year where Peg & Mallet had found its niche. We wanted to be a part of the biggest day in most people’s life. We wanted to help to make THAT special day, even more special-er! We are, of course, talking about your Wedding Day.

We had the plans. We found an AMAZING venue to begin our journey (


Covid-19 happened.

For us all, this is tough.

For us all, this is daunting.

For us all, this is uncertain…but not for forever.

Before long, things will return to normal. We will appreciate the ‘little’ things in life. We will enjoy waking up with the sun upon our face or the sound of the rain pitter-pattering on the shelter above. The dawn chorus of the birds, signalling day-break will fill us with joy. The smell of the fresh air will invigorate and reenergise us. We will remember how being together is important, because for a while, we have not had that. We are social beings and that’s what Peg & Mallet want to encourage and accommodate.

In 2021, we hope to come out bigger and stronger. If you are planning to have your special day that year, we can offer SoulPad bell tent village packages that include ‘proper’ beds with mattresses, bedding, furnishings and beautiful decorations. We are committed to making your day, your ‘dream’.

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