Messing About On The River

Waking up on a lazy Sunday morning, I threw open my curtains to feel the sun beating down upon me and at that moment, I knew that I was going to spend the entirety of that day outside. Whilst packing a picnic, I clicked on the radio and a song stopped me in my tracks. A song from my childhood – a blast from the past.

“When the weather is fine, then you know it’s a sign,

For messing about on the river.”

Brilliant! THIS was a sign. A great big flashing ‘DO IT NOW!’ sign.

We filled the car with the picnic, deckchairs, stand-up paddle boards and our SoulPad bell tent, and headed for our secret spot. (Truth be told, I’m not sure that it is really a ‘secret’ spot, but it is a spot and a scenic one at that. One that we like to keep to ourselves.)

It may seem extravagant to take a bell tent on a picnic. However, it has long been on our ‘must have’ list for this type of occasion. Think about it. The sun is beating down. It’s hot. Scorching hot. Our fabulous tent provided us with shade all day long. We intended to spend the day on the river and therefore, the tent became a perfect changing room. No more awkward scrambles trying to change out of wet costumes under a towel with the hope of keeping hold of your dignity. Our tent also was ideal for keeping our belongings safe, as we gently paddled up the crystal-clear river.

Get my drift? (Pardon the pun). I’ve shared with you my secret ingredient for the perfect picnic day. Next time you want to head into the big outdoors, hire a tent from us and you too can have a day filled with simple pleasures and sunbeams.

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